Fall 2022 General Business Meeting

November 18, 2022 – NCA New Orleans, Louisiana
Sheraton, Grand Chenier – 5th Floor
Zoom Meeting ID: 915 7961 6865
Passcode: NFA2023

May Ballot Information

Ballot results

  • Proposal: Add a student LD representative to the National Council Passed
  • Proposal: Add accessible accommodations to the National Tournament Passed
  • Proposal: NFA Tournament procedure change Passed
  • Proposal: Remove normative language in LD Passed
  • Proposal: Update evidence rules for digital debate Passed
  • Proposal: Shift topic selection process timeline Passed
  • Proposal: Expand time limits in LD Failed
  • LD Resolution: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase restrictions on political campaigns for public office in one or more of the following areas: political communication, campaign spending, interest groups
  • At-Large Special Election: David Bowers, Missouri Valley College

Proposals from the May ballot: