National Forensic Journal

The National Forensic Journal is the scholarly journal of the National Forensic Association. 

Welcome to Journal Editor, Dr. Justin Rudnick and Associate Journal Editor, Dr. Kevin Minch.  For questions or submissions please contact them at

National Communication Association

The deadline to submit proposals to NCA is March 30. For questions, please contact Dr. Nikki Freeman, VP of Professional Relations.

Conducting Research at NFA Nationals

If you would like to submit a proposal to conduct research at the NFA National Tournament please be advised of the following:

Proposal Process/Prior to Tournament:

  1. Research proposals must be submitted to the Chair of the Research Committee via email by February 10th. The Chair will then distribute the proposal to fellow committee members.
  2. Research proposals submitted to the committee must include the following:
    1. A brief explanation of the specific research topic/focus (one page).
    2. A brief explanation of the rationale/justification to conduct said research at the National Tournament (one page).
    3. A brief explanation of the methodology that will be used, including addressing data-gathering logistics at the National Tournament (one page).
      1. Please note that research projects should be designed in a manner that will not cause any disruption or distraction for students competing or to the tournament schedule.
    4. Copies of any instruments that will be used to gather data.
  3. Proposals will be reviewed by the Research Committee, and submitters will be notified of approval or denial via email by February 28th.
  4. Official IRB approval from the researcher’s institution must be provided to the Chair of the Research Committee via email by April 1st.

During the Tournament:

Please note- All research-related activities that occur at the National Tournament must be done in coordination with the Tournament Director to ensure the tournament schedule is not disrupted.

  1. Researchers must be at registration to handle the distribution of any hard copies of data collection instruments.
  2. If materials are to be distributed to judges, the tournament staff will distribute to event judges.
  3. If hard copies of data collection instruments were used, researchers must make arrangements/be available to collect said instruments at a specified time identified in the instrument instructions.

Post Tournament:

  1. The preliminary findings of the project must be submitted to the Chair of the Research Committee by September 30. Additionally, a plan for sharing and dissemination should be included. It is strongly suggested that an article reflecting the results be submitted to the NFJ.