NFA Hall of Fame

Inductees to the NFA Hall of Fame have demonstrated excellence in at least two of the following categories: Forensics Competition, Forensics Community Citizenship and Forensics Ambassadorship. Anyone may submit a nomination on behalf of any potential inductee (Exception: self-nominations are not allowed).  Nominees must be five years removed from competition (Example: a student who completed their competitive career at the 2019 NFA Nationals would not be eligible for admission to the Hall of Fame until April of 2025). Applications can be completed at any time, but only those applications received before January 15 each year will be considered for admission into the Hall of Fame at the subsequent April NFA tournament.  Nominations received after the deadline will be held and considered the following year.


David BealOhio UniversityApril 2000
Greg DenaroSouthern Connecticut UniversityApril 2000
Jim MolnarOhio UniversityApril 2000
Judy Sturgis-HillEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2000
Danny ViceEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2000
Keith SemmelMansfield State UniversityApril 2002
Paul Van DynePenn State UniversityApril 2002
Simone “Skip” KincaidGlenville State CollegeApril 2020


Jon CapecciEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2000
Michael GarciaEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2000
Theresa McElweeEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2000
Donald SmithSouthern Connecticut UniversityApril 2000
Elighie WilsonSouthern Connecticut UniversityApril 2000
William Allen YoungUniversity of Southern CaliforniaApril 2001
Nancy CartwrightOhio UniversityApril 2001
Mark HickmanMarshall UniversityApril 2001
Christina Collier ReynoldsBowling Green State University / Ohio UniversityApril 2002
Kenda Creasy DeanMiami UniversityApril 2003
Ray QuielEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2006
Margaret LangfordGeorge Mason UniversityApril 2010


Marco BenassiBradley UniversityApril 2000
Greg DolphBradley UniversityApril 2000
Sam MarcossonBradley UniversityApril 2000
J.G. HarringtonRutgers UniversityApril 2002
Mitchell “Bucky” FayUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireApril 2006
Tom DoyleBradley UniversityApril 2008
Andrew HeatonBradley UniversityApril 2011


David BickfordBrown UniversityApril 2000
Sarah BraunBradley UniversityApril 2000
Cam JonesCornell UniversityApril 2000
Stephanie KaplanUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonApril 2000
Kim RoeEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2000
Celeste Devore-MathesonIllinois State UniversityApril 2001
Penny Geurink-O’ConnorUniversity of Northern IowaApril 2002
Joel SchwartzbergEmerson CollegeApril 2002
Liesel ReinhartUniversity of ColoradoApril 2003
Ken KlawitterBradley UniversityApril 2006
Jeff SeaholtzEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2011
Tom Zeidler-AdamsonIllinois State UniversityApril 2011


Jason BerkeIllinois State UniversityApril 2000
Karon BowersBradley UniversityApril 2000
George LaMasterBradley UniversityApril 2000
Kevin MinchWayne State UniversityApril 2000
Patrick O’ShaughnessyBradley UniversityApril 2000
Stacy NekulaIllinois State UniversityApril 2001
Mona DworzakIllinois State UniversityApril 2001
Andrew BillingsIndiana UniversityApril 2002
Adam BlackWestern Kentucky UniversityApril 2002
Michael MalloySt. Joseph’s UniversityApril 2002
Andy WoodSt. Petersburg JC / Berry CollegeApril 2002
Rita RahoiUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireApril 2006
Jeff ArchibaldCornell UniversityApril 2014
Amy DarnellMorehead State UniversityApril 2016


August BenassiBradley UniversityApril 2000
Brian DavisArizona State UniversityApril 2000
Matt McDonaldBradley UniversityApril 2000
Jill ValentineBradley UniversityApril 2000
Ben LohmanBradley UniversityApril 2001
Chris GroveIllinois State UniversityApril 2001
Brendan KellyEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2002
David LindrumBerry CollegeApril 2002
Robert PieranunziIndiana UniversityApril 2002
Jason DavidsonBradley UniversityApril 2008
Sarah Meinen JeddBradley UniversityApril 2008
Jaime RiewertsBradley UniversityApril 2009
Will KochIllinois State UniversityApril 2011
Justin ZaborOhio UniversityApril 2012
Kelly (Lloyd) AdrianaEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2014
Ryan HershbergerEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2014
Shane MechamTruman State UniversityApril 2016
Richard BeselNorth Central CollegeApril 2016
John BoyerOtterbein CollegeApril 2016
Jim Dobson Northern Arizona UniversityApril 2017
Heidi SulzmanArizona State UniversityApril 2017
Nelsan EllisIllinois State UniversityApril 2018
Marianne LeGrecoBradley UniversityApril 2019


Aaron UnsethUniversity of Wisconsin-Eau ClaireApril 2009
John ColemanBerry CollegeApril 2009
Robert BarnhartOhio UniversityApril 2010
Erin Gallagher BarnhartOhio UniversityApril 2010
Bryan McCannIllinois State UniversityApril 2010
Robb TelferIllinois State UniversityApril 2011
Shannon ManeyIllinois State UniversityApril 2011
Matthew CollieMinnesota State University-MankatoApril 2013
Eric LongBradley UniversityApril 2013
Amber (Neuenschwander) PriceEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2014
Nina BrennanEastern Michigan UniversityApril 2014
Ken YoungBradley UniversityApril 2016
A.J. MooreheadArizona State UniversityApril 2016
Alison Fisher BodkinBradley UniversityApril 2020
Ben JeddBradley UniversityApril 2021
Vance PierceBradley UniversityApril 2021
Tomeka RobinsonMcNeese State UniversityApril 2021


Robert CannonGlendale Community CollegeApril 2014
Annie KincadeIllinois State UniversityApril 2017
Angela DunkIllinois State UniversityApril 2017
Carrie GuggenmosWestern Kentucky UniversityApril 2018
Maureen BrothmanIllinois State UniversityApril 2019
Ryan CashmanIllinois State UniversityApril 2019
Dillon WhiteNorthwestern UniversityApril 2020